Timeshare Rescue ripped me off.

Richardson, Texas 3 comments

A company out of Denver, Co. named Timeshare Rescue ripped me off. They have since filed for bankruptcy. But anyone who owns a timeshare should be made aware of almost any company who offers to buy your timeshare, the majority of them are a scam.

They either promise to advertise your timeshare for sale for a prepaid fee and it never sells, or want you to pay them a ridiculous price to take it off your hands. In either case, don't fall for fall prey to them.

The best solution is to contact an expert who you can trust to advise you what to do. There are solutions, but in many cases you will not like what you hear. There so so many who have bought timeshares and used them, but when it comes time to get rid of them, the fine print in the sales contract comes back to *** them bad.



Yes this company is a rip off and the people working there were a joke.Especially the wife of the owner of the company.

She is a total whack job.Bad attitude and everything


Yeah, I paid them $2999 to take my timeshare and then they went bankrupt.I tried a bunch of things to get rid of the timeshare and just spent a ton of money.

I don't know if you can sell your timeshare but I couldn't. I tried ebay, craigslist, etc. I couldn't even dump it for a buck. One of the hundreds of things I got in the mail though was a postcard from a company that said they charged a fee but they said they'd actually just take it.

That was interesting just because they actually said that they charged something. I went and they just did the transfer. They charged $4995 and I paid it (on a credit card so I had fraud protection!) and they just completed everything a week ago.

It was transfer america.I hated to pay more money on top of everything else and that was a crapload of money but at least I'm out.


Sorry you were ripped off.In the future and for everyone else out there, do not pay a listing fee up front.

And be especially wary of companies who contact you first.99% of these companies are scammers who are interested in your fees, not selling your timeshare (which they generally have no more "expertise" at than you do.

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